Friday, November 8, 2019

Choose to see other engineers as students

How we see the people around us helps us change how we treat them, interact with them, etc.

Here are a few helpful paradigms:

  • See other engineers as students.  See yourself as such.  Humbly accept that you and others are all learning the craft.
  • Assume you can learn something from everyone.  Some experience is repeatable, some unique; usually a good helping of both.  Learn from others.  See your experiences as malleable, with new insights possible from later reflection and input from anyone.
  • See others as people.  Not as a group, abstraction, a label, or stereotype.
  • Reset your expectations often.
  • Remember experience != expertise.  
  • Not all kinds of expertise look the same.  In fact, the more you learn, the less you should feel you know overall--yet you should gain confidence in what you do know and that you can know more.

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