Monday, March 4, 2013

Testing, "bugs cluster" and the "rumblestrip" heuristics

I thought this sounded like fault injection, and wondered if there might be a parallel in testing
Apparently, one rock band had a book of requirements for setting up their show.  If a seemingly silly requirement was missed, it was a signal that other things might be missed as well.  The requirement: a bowl of m&m’s with brown ones taken out.

I suppose in testing, if we notice one thing is missing, we can often suspect that other details may have been missed as well.  When we notice problems, we can/tend to think two things: that there are probably more bugs (they tend to cluster), and we should see how bad the bug we found can get.

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  1. Ha, I once did a company presentation on this topic - and a few other testers have also used Van Halen and brown M&M's in their blog.

    Sure you can use it - but only as a possible indication of trouble. If the minor reqts and details work it could mean that these were the easy things to do and the devs concentrated on these areas rather than the high risk ones. But sure, finding brown M&M's could point to problems