Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gmail Strikethrough button

I wanted a strikethrough button in gmail.  It turns out you can get one.

How does this relate to testing?
* Oracles.  Could looking at what others are doing with your app (userscipts and extensions) tell you about functionality that's needed?  How does this fit HICCUPPS(F)?  Probably, it means that user expectations can be manifested through specific add-on functionality, among other ways.
* I didn't expect to find this.  It was, however, the top result in a google search I ran, idly trying to find out if I could solve my problem.
* What kinds of ways can we check google (or other sources) for problems people are trying to solve with our software?
* What are the risks (security-wise) of not providing certain features--in such a way that users are willing to download third-party add-on apps that could compromise your site or the user's data?
* How representative is this, really, of ordinary users?

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